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Hi All,
Thanks for looking in. What are the name of the plug ends that plug into the Mobo? I have a case fan that is 4 pin Molex ended. I had to use a 4pim Molex to PCI-E to plug into the PSU. I want to switch that and go from 4 pin Mole to the 3 pin Mobo... What is the name of that plug so I can find an adapter?
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  1. What are you talking about?

    4 pin Molex cables are the power cables used for older expansion devices, a fan power connector is know by the number of pins it has, a fan with 3 wires is known as a 3 pin fan for example.

    So you want to connect a 4 pin fan to a molex connector and a 3 pin header on the board, you can use this -

    And before you ask, yes it will work with 4 pin fans, 4 pin fan connectors can fit in 3 pin fan headers.

  2. I am going the other way with it.
    I had to use a 4pin Molex to PCI-E to plug into the PSU....
    Instead I want to go from that same 4pin molex into the Mobo instead of direct into the PSU.

    I found out the name of the plug is an ATX 4pin. Thanks
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