I am in need of serious help: Every game I play crashes or freezes

I recently bought a new computer. I bought the parts seperately and let my friend (who is NOT a computer technician, but has built a couple before) build in. Here are my specs based on what I retrieved from canyourunit.com

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2550K CPU @ 3.40GHz
GeForce GTX 560 1gb
4gb video ram
500 GB Hard drive
NVIDIA High Definition Audio

I spent about 1000 on this. Now, I play Team Fortress 2: The game freezes and crashes sometimes. I got the blue screen of death from it
Diablo 3: Runs smoothly, sometimes it freezes then goes black for about 5 seconds, still unacceptable.
Starcraft 2: Runs good, cannot play custom games as "I ran out of paged pool memory" even though I have 8gb of ram..
The Witcher 2: Just bought it today and it froze on me

the blue screens of death crashes have been because of display drivers. I can assure you that my video card driver is the latest version. All my drivers are good except for: Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 1E10 according to a driver scan.

This is very sad and frustrating to me. My computer should be able to run all these games perfectly and at high graphics. My friends computers which are below mine run them perfectly. Why the hell are all my games freezing or crashing. I need some help. Should I take it in to a pro? I tried everything I searched and nothing helps.
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  1. i would start off by looking at your mb and see if there any bios updates. a lot of the new z77 mb have updates for ram and cpu code. i would look at the mb vendor web page for drivers and print that out. most drivers on the cd and web page and months old. i would start with the intel chipset driver for the mb. i would check the sound/video/netowrk drivers to see if there up to date as one of your drivers was missing or too old. if you have anone other issue is if you have the lucent and intel cpu with the gpu built in. the lucient chipset will try and use both the gpu and ipu to speed up games. a lot of games or system this can be buggy. if your friend loaded lucent software and or you se both your gpu and intel chipset in windows device manager. go into the bios and turn off onboard video and set your gpu as the first video device. one other thing is download open hardware monitor and check your gpu and cpu temps. if they get to hot the system will ock up and crash. I would also run memtest on the pc to see if you have a stick of bad ram.
  2. What PSU do you have? Bet its a bargain bin PSU and is the cause of your problems.
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