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Best Gtx 560 ti?

Im buying a gtx 560 and i cant decide between these three :

EVGA (Non superclocked) :

--The less problematic but runs fairly hot in comparison to the other models, Clocked from 820 to 850

ASUS DCII (Non Top) :

--Awesome Cooling ( problems with artifact from some users)

Gigabyte Windforce 2x:

--Good Cooling, Bit Noisy, Clocked to 900mhz¡ (Some problems with crashes and artifact)

EVGA --5 stars in newegg
Asus DCII/Gigabyte--4 stars

Whats the best option in your opinion :D
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    Depends if you are going to overclock your card or not.

    If not, get either the Gigabyte or ASUS. Then choose the best price.

    If you are, get the EVGA.
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