Heat problems with my GPU

This morning I bought a GPU: (point of view) POV Nvidia GTX 550ti 1gb DDR5 for the moment... :lol: after I installed it and all the stuff CPU, PSU, RAM, back together (I kinda re assambled it everything to learn how to do it xD "first time" :lol: ... )... I started playing Assassins Creed maxed put (i know it is not a big deal but I like it :D ). Te problem was after 15min or 25min playing I took off my headset and I hear a lot of noise coming from the case and when I touched it it was burning I launched PC WIZARD very quickly and I see GPU temp 72ºC - 75ºC and the CPU temps I think it was 80ºC - 85ºC I freaked out man!! Also because the room started feeling like a damn sauna :na: ... I Turned off everything really quick and thank GOD anything got burned or something...

CPU: AMD PHENOM II X2 555 BE not unlocked and not OCed with stock heatsink.

I started thinking that when I put the CPU back I put the heatsink in the wrong possition or something then I tried to fix it up, but nothing happened. Idle temps was 45ºC, before it was 37-40ºC don't know what happened ... So I went out and I bought a better heatsink cooper/aluminium I think it was coolermaster hyper something and now idle temps are 26ºC and max temp is 40-45ºC :D . So I think that problems is solved.

What I'm worried about is the GPU, idle temps are 34 - 36ºC and when I'm playing gets to 70 - 74ºC. Is that normal or not? I'm really really worried about it :cry:

is this one:

PS: sorry for my terrible english :S
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  1. Do you have sufficient cooling inside your case and enough fans for airflow? For example any cords blocking fans (especially for your graphics card) or not tucked away so that the airflow is smooth. Also, if there is not enough air flow you may want to open up the side of the case and leave it open.

    The temps are fine on the graphics card, but the CPU looks like it may get overheated.
  2. Yes I have open up the side of the case. But wait 40ºC - 43ºC "under load" is overheated with the new heatsink? Remember I used to have 40ºC at IDLE with the old heatsink

    EDIT: no cords blocking air flow
  3. Have you applied new thermal paste to your heatsink?
  4. Based on what you indicated you have fixed the problem with your CPU. Those temps are excellent. However, the GPU is getting a little warm. You probably need to set up a custom fan profile to speed up the fans when the GPU starts to heat up. Get a copy of MSI Afterburner and enable the fan profiles.
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    Anything under 80c on a GPU nowadays is safe and fine. Over that i start to look for solutions to cool it off.
  6. GPU temps are fine. You can only get lower/higher than that based on the case airflow and the ambient temperature of your room.
  7. GPU under 80 Ci s good temp,
    CPU under 60 C is good. so no problemo....

    Red zone about 85 C and 65 C for CPU..... U might wanna check your ambient temp, in hot day u may need to open the case...

    Edit : since u had bought CM hyper, u may wanna try O.C. a little since the BE proc is build for O.C (As 555 BE rev. C2 temp max about 70 C. keep it under 60 when stressing is good temp)
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  9. thanks everyone for your help! I think everything its ok then.
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