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I have just updated my computer from windows vista to windows 7 and I can get the onboard realtek sound processor to work. It is a Integrated Realtek ALC662 Audio.

The motherboard is MS-7525 (Boston)

As far as I am concerned I have updated the realtek drivers to work with windows 7. Version R2.70. But they still wont work!

The computer recognises the card but there is a big x where the speaker Icon in the icon tray. When I click on it, it says that a cable is unpluged. But I dont understand this as it is an internal sound processor and therefore not cables are involved.

Please help - its driving me bat ****!
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  1. 1. the unplugged cable is the external cable to the speakers or headphone. It only works, if you plug speakers or a headphone in
    2. do you use a video card with hdmi output? Then goto control panel / sound and check the standard playback device. It might be set to hdmi, instead of the realtek.
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