How to use bluetooth dongle in desktop for windows 7 32-bit

good morning sir/mam...

I am using desktop with Intel motherboard and dual-core processor with airtel net connection.....My os is windows7 32-bit operating system

My problem is when i plug the bluetooth dongle it automatically detects the blue tray icon in the taskbar...(when i plugged my

bluetooth device first it search and install some drivers but it showing "BLUETOOTH PERIPHERAL DEVICE-NO DRIVER FOUND")....

then i had installed bluesoleil new version 8.0.370.0...but grey colour bluetooth tray icon is sitting in taskbar....but i cant open

the bluesoleil...when i trying to turn on bluetooth it will show some mesage "STARTING BLUETOOTH"...,but bluetooth will not

turn on....two colour one is blue colour icon for bluetooth dongle device and another one is grey colour icon for bluesoleil

software....but i can pair some devices and send data by using blue colour plugging bluetooth device it automatically

detects blue icon...i had installed older version problem i cant turn on the bluetooth....i had installed in my

friend laptop configuration windows7 that i had installed bluesoleil 8.0.370.0...after showing some

golden colour ball in center....bluetooth dongle working using bluesoleil my memory card is showing in his

laptop....but software is not suitable for desktop...tell me how i want to connect my bluetooth device by using bluesoleil latest

version or older version in my desktop with correct configuration....thank you...
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  1. When you installed it on your pc did you chose the 32 or 64 bit version of it? I ask as you said it works with your friends 64 but not with your 32. And did you try restarting the pc to see if it would pick it up after a restart?
  2. after installation it had asked me to restart after restart also same problem...whether it will work in 32bit os?...
  3. I'm not really fully familiar with windows 7 and have not messed with blue tooth much. I just thought it might have been that you installed the wrong drivers for it (which can happen and an easy fix in most windows versions) and thought i could help you out sorry but if that isn't it its above me lol
  4. i am asking only for transferring files....after restarting i had tried to turn on bluetooth in grey colour bluetooth icon...but it had no response...
  5. Was the device it was meant to pick up turned on and still powered up during and after the restart. (i know when you install a router you need to restart your internet for it to configure to the router so i'm assuming this is pretty similar if not i'm sorry)
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