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Hey, i hust recived my new amd fx 8350, mounted on a ga 990fxa ud3 motherboard with the corsair h100 cooler.

When i run crysis 2 on max settings (hardcore, 1080p) the CPU temp goes to 55ºC but their cores stay at 40ºC all the time, anyways the cpu load when playing stays at 40 - 50%
Which temp is the real cpu temp?
i'm so confused :??:
here some pics about it:

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  1. good temps very good
  2. The only important temp is the 35C in this case, cause the fan speed relies on that. The core temp are always strange and different in every software.
  3. okay.
    I saw that 8350's max temp is 61ºC, so if my temp when gaming is arround 55ºC that's not really good.
    I don't know what's wrong... h100 cooler should work fine.
  4. A bit high for a water cooler , but well within safe limits . Gaming BF3 with my x6 temps hit 62-63 with the stock cooler , i get better with my 8350 running @100% cpu use all cores 44-46c with a cheap Deepcool mc3002gx .
    Maybe re install the cooler , paste not put on properly ? Figure water cooler should be low 40's .
  5. Its important to remember closed loop water coolers like the H100 are not good. You shouldn't expect stellar temps from one. Better than stock but good air coolers are better and cheaper
  6. took a pic of a new FX 8350 stock cooler and an old opteron cooler , not only do the old coolers have better bigger fans , but the cooler itself is larger , no wonder the new cpu run hot
    old opteron on the right fx left

    bigger better opteron athlon fan on right , new smaller louder cheaper fx fan on left
  7. But i don't know which temp i have to pay attemption, cpu temp or core temp.
    I played battlefield 3 ultra, crysis 2 max settings... core temps stay at 35 - 40ºC or even lower...
  8. What are the temps in the bios?
  9. core temp for 61c. cpu temp is the motherboard socket, core temp is the silicon, what AMD sais 61c max.

    the socket is farther away from the heatsink so its always warmer, esp with water since there isn't a fan blowing at the motherboard itself.
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