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I have a Sony VGN-FW139E/H Laptop. In this the two keys 'A' and 'S' are not working. Is it necessary that i have to change the entire keyboard for it? Cant the individual Keys be changed?

Please Advice
Thanks in advance
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  1. Don't know the Sony brands, but you need to replace the keyboards for thinkpads and my kids last compaq. Good news is that you can order the part and install yourself if you want. The manual will show you what screws in what order, then there is one ribbon wire the comes off the old keyboard and goes on the new one.

    The ebay price is $30. (googling someone with keyboard on ebay at random, I don't knwo them or their parts)
  2. thanks a lot tsnor..... :)

    so, now i will have to go for an entirely new keyboard even if two keys are not working right.....

    is there any way that i can repair only two keys on the key board......

    please advice...

    thanks a lot for your reply ....... :)
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    Sridhar Nag S said:
    is there any way that i can repair only two keys on the key board....... :)

    I don't know how to repair just a few keys. Perhaps someone else does.

    If I had to try I'd remove the keyboard and study the key latching system and see if there was a way to make it return to proper position. I suspect you'll find that some component had to be bent to remove the keys, and that even if you bent it back and got the keys back on they would be weakly attached and fall off again.

    For me, this seems like knowing the only part of the lightbulb that failed is the filament and wondering how to install a new filament in a failed lightbulb. The concept of recycling the keyboard is good, but they are designed to be non-repairable.
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  5. :), Excellent Answer .....
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