Best Graphics Card for my i3 2120

I was just wondering what the best graphics card my cpu could handle with out it bottlenecking..I have a HX650 powersupply and plenty of room in my case... Any help would be greatly apperciated.

- I was thinking along the lines of a gtx 570ti
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  1. I wouldn't worry about bottlenecking, just go with the best card you can afford. What is your budget?
  2. gtx 480, gtx 570, 7850 would be good top end cards that would be a good match.

    I'd pick the 7850.
  3. Gtx 480, it's cheap and performs like the gtx 570 and 7870!
  4. My budget is around 300$
  5. I have never used an amd gpu only a NVIDIA gt240 what should I look for when purchasing a gpu more memory, or shadrers, cores etc.
  6. The best graphics card is the best one you can afford.
  7. The 480 is a good card in many ways, but I think its reign of terror is over. It uses literally hundreds of watts more at load than a 7850. It's rare to argue that you'll earn back a price difference in video cards just based on your electric bill, but this is a case where that is true. And anyway, an overclocked 7850 (which everyone should do) should offer better performance while not making enough noise and heat to bring down your whole house.

    Seriously, just look at the direct comparison to the 6970, which is very comparable to the 7850 (especially OCed):
  8. Tom's H ranks graphics cards here,3107-7.html
    Get the best card you can afford. Your i3 is really quite powerful and in most cases the GPU is the limiting factor on getting more FPS not your processor. Only certain games are limited by the processor and even then the i3 2120 offers great performance.
  9. geekapproved said:
    The best graphics card is the best one you can afford.

    thanks for the intelligent answer..
  10. Thanks for all the help! I'm trying to get away from console gaming sick of all the bs that comes with it.
  11. go 7850
  12. Well personally I would be getting one of the better factory over clocked 560Ti cards as to me they represent better performance for the money, 570 would be a decent choice as well.
    The correct version of either card would out perform the 7850 and cost less, taking over clocking into account or not.

    Mactronix :)
  13. Quote:
    For the money?
    The 560Ti and 570 cost alot more than a 480...
    The 7850 is slower than the 480 and costs more, but has better thermals and lower power consumption.

    The framrates speak for them selves in BF3, at ultra 1080p with 4xmsaa.
    That post is further up!

    I didn't realise the 480 had dropped that much (just looked it up) However the price at new egg at least is still ball park the same as a 560Ti and I still maintain that a 560Ti will blow a 480 out of the water when you are talking about a decent pre over clocked one which still have plenty to go.
    This card is actually cheaper than a 480 at Newegg at the moment.

    Easily a better deal to me but then its all subjective sometimes.

    Mactronix :)
  14. Sounding like the 560ti is a great choice
  15. Quote:
    If you wish to play BF3 at max detail at 1080p, you will not be able to with a 560Ti at all, not enough Vram, and not enough raw GPU horsepower.

    dude my gt240 atm can play it at sure a gtx560 is plenty for high/ultra... not trying to start a flame war.
  16. Quote:
    If you wish to play BF3 at max detail at 1080p, you will not be able to with a 560Ti at all, not enough Vram, and not enough raw GPU horsepower.

    Well you cant with a 480 either, what's your point ?
    Remember we are not talking about a stock card here.
    A 560Ti will over clock as well as a 480, that is to say to the same performance level, it actually beats it at 1920 X 1200 in some games at its stock factory over clocked settings and its cheaper.

    Also I don't see any evidence/mention of a Vram restriction in the reviews I just checked.

    Mactronix :)
  17. horton91 said:
    dude my gt240 atm can play it at sure a gtx560 is plenty for high/ultra... not trying to start a flame war.

    You wont get Ultra settings from a 560Ti but its plenty to play at high.

    Mactronix :)
  18. fight fight fight fight fight fight...!

    Which one will cook an egg faster?
  19. If you live in a cold northerly climate I'd definitely go with the GTX 480.
  20. Quote:
    Video just proved you wrong ;)

    So your saying Toms is wrong then ?

    whatsIt’s entirely possible to get a good experience out of a GeForce GTX 580

    at 1920x1080 or lower, though in real-world game play you still run into occasional


    A GeForce GTX 570 handles 1680x1050 pretty well. However, I’m willing to bet that you

    didn’t buy a $300+ card to play on a 17” screen. Two GTX 570s should handle Ultra

    quality with aplomb at 1920x1080.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Toms staff got is soo wrong or are you saying your 480 is equivalent to 2X 570's ?

    Yes you can play the game on your 480 but its not very nice is it. Or maybe its the video quality ?

    Mactronix :)
  21. We're missing the point here. The 480 is a good card, and at $200-220 it's also cheap. But it has some serious downsides: huge power usage, very high temperatures, and tons of noise. The 7850 is not as powerful at stock speeds, but since it has huge overclocking headroom and very low noise and temperatures by default, you can OC it by as much as 25-30% on some cards.

    Check out this page:

    That's an overclocked 7850 beating a 480 in BF3 by about 10-15%, and a stock 7850 and 480 having nearly identical performance (slight edge to 7850).

    So yes, the 7850 is slightly more money, but it uses way less power, and if you OC it, you have yourself a better card that still uses far less power and generates less heat and noise. You wouldn't be crazy to get the 480. But I wouldn't. The 7850 is a newer card with newer architecture and may still have some performance gains from drivers; it's also much easier to crossfire it in the future (especially given its thermal/noise/power profile). The 480 is on its way out.
  22. motorneuron said:
    The 480 is on its way out.

    Which is why it is so cheap... they are trying to blow out the stock to make room for the new stuff but apparently no one is buying so they have lowered it to a price beyond reason.
    It really is a great price for a high performance card. I'd personally wait for the GTX 660 Ti to come out.
    What is Nvidia thinking releasing the 640s before them... I guess it means they haven't squeezed enough performance out of the chips to fit into the GTX 570's performance slot.
  23. Quote:
    BTW, the 7850 at 1200mhz ties with the 480 at 850mhz.

    +1, finally someone with a real mind.
    No need or place for insults :non:

    Your obviously happy with your 480 to the point where you cant see any facts besides those that prove what you are saying.

    Clock speed means nothing when you get right down to it, raw performance does.

    All I tried to do was offer the op a different option. You have shown nothing that disproves anything I have said or illustrated with linked reviews.
    Show me something that says an Over clocked 560 cant keep tabs on an over clocked 480. (Heck I have posted a review that shows the card beating a 480 at stock, and you still posted that a 560Ti couldn't do so even if it was clocked to 1Ghz) :heink: Then we can talk. Until then its all filler.

    Mactronix :)
  24. I have said all I am saying for now unless you wish to discuss further by bringing the requested info to the table. I will assume not doing so is proof that you are wrong and I am right. As if you could find it you surely would after going soo far trying to defend your card.
    Also and make no mistake this is your last warning about insulting language before I report you to moderation. I like a good natured discussion/debate as much as the next poster, but rules is rules.

    Mactronix :)
  25. Quote:
    If what i said is so hurtful, then maybe i was right ;)

    These words are from 4Ryan6 himself (personal message).

    I ran some tests with the Unigine Heaven Benchmark and I can confirm your 480GTX overclocked will beat a 580GTX reference clock of 772mhz, and the first released 25mhz level OC of 797mhz, and the second 50mhz OC release of 822mhz, any factory overclocked released 580GTX cards after that with a 60mhz + clock, your OCd 480GTX won't beat them.

    You can beat or tie the performance of any 580GTX below an 850 clock but you cannot beat these, or any of the water cooled cards.

    I'm just sharing this with you, so you know 100% for sure what your 480GTX overclocked can do, so you don't make a statement out in the forum and get blasted for it, the article you linked to was for a reference 580GTX clocked at 772mhz.

    Like I said filler until you can prove what I said was wrong. Just a statement that to be honest I could have guessed at without testing given that the 580 was at launch 10% at best faster than a stock 480. Of course an over clocked 480 would beat them.

    Maybe you need a look at the rules.
    Any negative comment, direct or indirect targeting another user is in violation of the rules of conduct.

    Mactronix :)
  26. Quote:
    So now you beleive the 560ti is in the same class as a 480?
    Can you see why i said what i did in the first place?
    Filler? LOL

    Not worth the net space it takes up.
    I repeat, Show me something that says an Over clocked 560Ti cant keep tabs on an over clocked 480

    laugh it up all you like you know I'm right or else you would post proof I am wrong.

    Mactronix :)
  27. Well I can't say I haven't learned anything :) you do male valid points on the 480
  28. make* haha
  29. Quote:
    For the record:

    Please do not ever say i am incorrect, when i even benched with a well respected ex moderator.

    But you are incorrect on quite a few things.

    Whats wrong with correcting someone when they are wrong ?

    Like when you said this.
    The 560Ti and 570 cost alot more than a 480..

    Which I showed to be wrong with this post.
    This card [...] on/23.html is actually cheaper than a 480 at Newegg at the moment.

    And this is wrong
    560Ti could be at 1GHZ and will never beat a 480 at 800mhz+

    As you can see here
    and here

    Thats an overclocked 560Ti (at 998 MHz) beating a 480 clocked at 821 MHz

    So please don't try and come all high and mighty.

    If you want to continue trying to claim your correct please do it by PM and stop spamming another's thread with countless pointless videos and statements about how good your card is at BF3.
    If you want to do that create a thread. Oh wait you did. My bad.

    Mactronix :)
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