Psu for a xfx 6970

hello all first post on toms hardware and need urgent advice . for christmas i recieved from my job a xfx radeon 6970 as a gift and its new and boxed (old shelf stock).right now i use a cx500 corsair psu ,h40 watercooling , amd fx 6200 cpu , cabinet is an inwin ironclad ( ) 500 gb hdd ,Gigabyte GA-970A-D3, Socket-AM3+ motherboard . and a asus 6870 . i want to know if i installed the 6970 and took out my 6870 would my psu die out or would it be ok with the 6970 kept at stock speeds no OCing...or do have to wait till i get payed to fork out for a 650 watt psu ?
i apreciate the help guys :)
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  1. na you should be good the cpu will never inter fear with a video card and for one and wattage for this card is 550 min pcu so you will need a new one
  2. ur cx 500 is alright, but id get a stronger powersupply, well better quality anyways, and at the same time a bit more wats such as :

    quite decent at that price :)
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