Should I go for Haswell ?

Hello, I curently have an old pc with a Core 2 Duo E8500 cpu and I am thinking to upgrade .. I am a gamer ... Should I wait for Haswell or go for an Ivy Bridge ( dispite it's heat problem when overcloaked ) ??
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  1. it doesn't have a heat problem until 4.4+ my 4.3 stays at 60 when gaming on cheapish air.
  2. I still think ivy is a batch issue. I am just starting my oc on the i5 3570k I have it at 4.5 1.21 volts max tdp is 66 watts 11 watts under-spec at max load and have only ever hit 60* once with Intel burn test average gaming temps are 40-45. with prime 95 after 2 hours is tempts 52*. I am not an big overclocker I like to hover around 500-800 over speck but for ivy bridge so far it feels like the skys the limit.
  3. my i7 950 didn't overclock well at all took a week to get 3.8 stable. i really love intells path with the k series cpus.
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