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Hello everybody :hello:, so a guy I know asked me to spec out a build for him to play WoW with some multiboxing action (which I had never heard of), and tho I've done a buch of upgrades/heavy rebuilds I didn't tell him I've never actually done a 100% scratch build before :??: :oops: :lol: ... anyway, after reading up a bit here's what I've came up with (largely cribbed from threads here, thanks :) )

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 $115

Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz $125

PowerColor AX7770 1GBD5-2DH Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition $130

COOLER MASTER Elite 311 RC-311B-RWN1 $45

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 $46

SeaSonic M12II 520 Bronze 520W 80 PLUS BRONZE $60

WD Caviar Blue 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache $65 & Intel 330 Series 60GB SSD $70

and a plain ol' dvd burner. $20

Total = 755 inc some fans & a few other odds n ends.

There's plenty of power there for what he wants, almost exactly double the benchmark scores a WoW multiboxing site recommends (E8400@3.00ghz, 4G ram, Geforce 9800, tho that article is from late '09), I just wanna make sure it's an ok balance & I've not made any obvious bad choices (this is v2, v1 was cpu heavy).

I'd *really*like to stay around this current price (tho I gave him a ballpark of a grand) since he's a single parent who's just got back to work & I don't wanna overload him, I figure (something like) this'll do for now then if he's not happy with the performance (or just gets itchy feet) he can think about upgrading the cpu/gfx in a year or so when he's caught up with all the other stuff he wants to do.

Maybe change the case, I was gonna get some red led feet/fans & a red ccfl to trick it out a little but now I'm thinking if his kid's young having a bunch of bright/flashing lights might not be such a good idea... I'll prolly leave the case choice to him tbh. Also drop the ssd & just run the WD (I know it's only a few bucks for more a 500gig, I'll give him that option too), or ssd/hdd for a seagate hybrid drive ...? Maybe the psu's a little to powerful? I dunno ...

he was talking* about a multi screen set up, I guess he'd need a better gfx card?

*tho he was also talking about multi cpu (maybe he meant multi core?) and sli configs too, so grain of salt and all that...

Approximate Purchase Date: unsure, I'm gonna say ~2 months

Parts Not Required: unsure, I'll check with him & see what he's already got

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: any american based site will do, I'm already at newegg, tigerdirect & frozencpu tho

Parts Preferences: no preference

Overclocking: Maybe for an upgrade in ~ a year

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe for an upgrade in ~ a year
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  1. Build looks good but I would make the following changes:

    1. Since its a wow build, drop the SSD and the caviar blue and get this:

    Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM $89
    2. Use the saved dollars and upgrade the GPU for better performance, here are some choices:

    EVGA 01G-P3-1561-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti $229

    SAPPHIRE 11188-22-20G Radeon HD 6950 2GB $199
  2. Hmm this was a lanparty/mobile rig config but ya for that price range just hit a simpler non CF/SLI build and hit the best GPU u can afford ^^
  3. Ok, thanks for your thoughts.

    I kinda like the look of a 6850 as a nice middle ground between the 7770 & 6950, I should catch up with him next early week tho so I'll try and nail him down on a budget, time frame, and whether he has any requirements re m/k/v etc and we'll see what fits :D
  4. Nice one mate, do you know what program the guy uses for Wow multiboxing?

    I've been looking for a few but don't know which is best to go for. Although this review seems to say Pwnboxer is the best:
  5. Sorry ollie, I've no idea what he intends to use & I'm *so* not in WoW I can't even muster the curiosity to read up on it, all the information I got came from if that's any help.
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