Fx 8350 or i5 2500k?

i have been looking at getting an i5 for when i upgrade my computer

but i recently decided to have a look at the amd processors and found these
(currently cheaper as ebuyer has two ex display motherboards they are selling for about £80 and the week only deal on overclockers for the cpu)

also with the fx 8350 is it possible to turn off some of the cores? because as far as i am aware there are not many games that make use of 8 cores yet and if i turn off the extra cores that should mean it would generate less heat and i should be able to overclock to higher speeds (at least it looks that way but knowing computers i somehow doubt it)
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  1. I would go with the 2500k, it provides more performance and also uses alot less power over the 8350. If you can get the 3570k, Its not alot more but uses less power than the 2500k and performs a bit better.
  2. for games alone the i5 2500/3570k anything else the fx-8350 you will average about 20+ fps higher per game


    However that will depends on you gpu also. so take that into account

    i think is BF3/PS2/diablo/starcraft thses games are CPU intensive and can use all cores and Amd might catch up to intell on thses games.

    Edit typo called amd 3850
  3. i have a gtx 295

    and my psu is a 1000watt cougar CMX
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