New video card, computer won't boot, no beeps

Just bought a Gateway 4860-UB32P, opened it up, and connected a 6670 low profile card to the PCI Computer won't start up, doesn't beep, nothing. Removed card and the computer starts up fine with the crappy Intel Onboard Graphics. Looked in BIOS and found no options to change graphics from onboard to PCI. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Did you plug the output cable into the vid card or did you leaveit in the HDMI or DVI port on the motherboard? Plug it into the vid card if you didnt.
  2. the power supply is not enough to power up the card.

    Exactly what happened to me when I upgraded from 9500gt to a gts250. Try switching to a hd 6570 or a hd6450.

    you don't have to change gpu through bios. if you plug-in your monitor through the graphic card, it will change automatically.

    if you can change the psu of DX4860-UB32P..I think that would be a better option.
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