Usb port not working

my usb ports are not working...when i start my system, even without connecting anything to shows the message that device is not recognized..
i tried everything,try refreshing the devicemanager, uninstal unrecognized device from device manager,reinstal drivers,takeout the 3 pin plug from cpu,and everything find from googling...nothing works at all...anyway one of my usb port still works with pendrive &other stuffs ,but not with my mouse...i have 6 usb ports...i have 5 ports which does not even show device not recognized ..its like it wasnt working at all..its almost 1 and half years since i got this computer..waranty expired.. :ouch: :ouch: :ange: :ange: :o :o
plz help....!
lenovo h330
intel core i3
usb 3.0 driver
windows 7
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  1. Are you very sure it is the right driver for your model and os?
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