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FX-6300 error during benchmark testing

December 9, 2012 1:40:35 PM

Hi all,
I bought AMD FX-6300 + 8GB PC last week.
First I downloaded the "SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2013" test suite, and ran the CPU benchmark, the Whetstone benchmark gave 48 GFLOPS.
Then I ran the LinX test which gave only 22 GFLOPS for tests using memory less than 512MB, and miserably failed (terminated after showing error) at higher loads (when using above 1GB RAM).
I ran the same LinX on AMD Phenom X3 system which also gave 22 GFLOPS but had no stability problem at intense loads.
Upon Googling, I found nothing related to AMD CPU tests for GFLOPS.

Now I am confused, is there really a problem with CPU floating point calculations, or LinX benchmark has some problem while running at new AMD CPUs .. (since LinX is based upon Intel's LinPack benchmark) :o