Gigabyte GTX 560 [NON TI] Wattage requirements

I am running a Widetech 550W power supply. I just received my Gigabyte GTX 560 NON TI edition. Link: That one. The two fan edition one.

I am just wondering, is it safe to put that graphics card in under that 550W Widetech power supply? Because I was reconsidering getting a better one. But will the graphics card meet it's requirements under that PSU?

Thank you to all responses.
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  1. My Dad currently has a GTX 560 Gigabyte (Natural OC, he has it OC'd more) in a 550W OCZ Fatal1ty, it works perfect with his Dual Core 6800 (I think it was a 6800, or close to it), I would say post your other PC specs, like CPU as those all count to main wattage in your system, a 550W can run the 560 but I would say to make fully sure, give us all of your specs or just the main power ones like the CPU and such
  2. Okay, thanks :)
    My other computer specs include:

    * 8GB (2 x 4GB) Dual Channel DDR3 PC-10600 (1333MHz)
    3.4 Ghz Processor i7 2600
    1 Hdd drive running (1tb) (3.5" 1TB / 1000GB SATA III 7200rpm HDD) More specficaly.
    Intel h77 mother board
    24x CD/DVD +RW /-RW drive
  3. Your power supply is trash. The only Widetech 550w power supply I can find is this one.

    It puts out an amazingly low 25 amps on the 12v rail ( the 12v rail is what powers most components like the CPU and GPU ) making it a real 350w power supply.

    Nvidia recommends a 520w power supply for a GTX 560. That assumes a generic brand so a quality 500w model will handle that card just fine. Even a quality 450w unit would probably be fine depending on the 12v rail amps as that is more important than watts.

    Here is an example of a real 550w power supply.

    Notice it has a 38 amp 12v rail.

    I would replace that thing you have with a quality 500-550w power supply. Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ and Antec are all good quality brands.
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