Power supply problem? Please help!

Hi... Hopefully some of you can help me with this.
I'm having a problem with my homebuilt system, I figured this was the best forum to ask for help in, as it seems like a power supply problem. I have basically 2 problems.

The first is, that after shutting down the computer, it will spontaneously power itself back ON. I've disabled all wake on x settings, and even removed the wake on lan cable to rule that out. I shut down windows normally, and the computer shuts off normally, but then after a few seconds, it powers on as if I had hit the power button.

The other problem, which usually is a result of this one ( but sometimes not), is that when starting back up, the computer will hang at the loading windows logo, with the hard drive LED glowing steadily, or not at all. It takes several power downs and start ups until I can get windows to load properly, and once it does, the computer works as normal.

My system specs are as follows:
Case: Enlight 7237 w/ 300 Watt powersupply
CPU: AMD Duron 1.33 GHz
Hard Drive: IBM Deskstar 40 GB; 7200 RPM
Memory: 256 MB Crucial CAS 2
Motherboard: Abit KT7A
Network Card: Linksys LNE100TX
Sound Card: Guillemot GameTheater XP
Video Card: Visiontek Geforce3 64 MB

If you have any idea, please let me know
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  1. You may have some of your led connectors turned around.

    Thank you very little!
  2. At my job we have over five hundred computers from basically four different vendors. One type of computer in particular has this problem all the time. Symptoms include random freezing, the computer powering on after being shut off, the computer not powering off when the power button is pressed, the mouse jumping around on the screen in windows, keyboard randomly not responding, and the monitor not coming on occasionally when the computer is turned on. The problem? Turned out all the computers that did this (and continue to do this) had Enlight Power Supplys. Solution? Replace the power supply - fixes it every time. From my experience Enlight Corp. makes crap power supplys and every one I've seen did this to the computer eventually - we're still replacing them. My advice to you is to get a new power supply from a different company - should fix your problem right up.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'll borrow a power supply from my brother's computer tonite and try it out. If this fixes the problems, could you recommend a quality power supply that I could replace it with? Thanks alot!
  4. Good advice so far.

    I had roughly the exact same problem - I would switch comp on, would not 'power' up completely, mouse jumping, etc.

    Replaced ps with a 431 W Enermax, problem solved.

    <b>ßunn¥§troker 0wn§ j00!</b>
  5. Enermax make excellant psu's.
    With a 1.33 and gforce3 you might want to get 350w+.

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  6. Hi again...
    I pulled the power supply out of my brother's computer, it's a 300 watt power supply also. With this one I have even more problems... the computer only starts up one out of 4 tries. It either locks up at the starting windows logo, or at the point before the windows shell starts, but you can see the background. I found that if I hit the power button quickly, that it sets the computer to go into standby mode. If I do this when it locks up at the windows logo, it will continue to boot normally. In his computer it works perfectly. Here is a qu ick rundown of his system specs:
    Abit KT7
    AMD Duron 800 mhz
    128 MB Mushkin ram
    3dfx voodoo 3 2000 video card
    Running Windows 98 SE

    Do you think it's possible that my system is drawing so much power that 300 watts isn't even enough? The only other thing I can think of is that another piece of hardware is damaged somehow, as this power supply works fine in his computer.

    If you have any other ideas please let me know
  7. with a gforce3 and a 1.33, you are drawing a lot more power than your brother. The fact that you put in a second (probably not as good) psu and had more problems. Pretty much says that you need an upgrade. 300w is not enough for your hardware...

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