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I need to find a router that will limit data download, not the bandwidth. Is there such a thing out there? We have 7 computers and I need to limit each one individually.
Thanks Alida
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but that's not quite what I am looking for. I need either firmware for my current router which is, WZR-HP-G300NH or a different router. I have been looking at gargoyle which looks a little scary to install, might try it, still unsure if I want to take a chance on bricking my router.
  2. Have you read reviews on it ?
  3. I did read the replies, thanks for the link, but I did end up going the Gargoyle route. Took a few tries but now I can limit everybody individually by their mac address and/or ip.

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Are you running an internet cafe or something ?
  5. We have 6 people in our home right now, 2 are data pigs and I need to curb their usage. My son who is in college for Comp Tech, tries to limit himself but the downloads from school can be a bit large. The other boy child DLs and plays games like their is no tomorrow.

    All the people in the house have at least one computer, so all together we have 9 computers running. The other 2 children are fairly decent but now I can monitor all of the websites they go to, I was amazed at that one!

    It took bricking my router 3 times before gargoyle would go on, windows7 was the culprit. Used an xp machine and it was loaded in minutes.
    I am just a mom that had a huge problem with family being dingbats.
    Thanks, Alida
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