Why is my lenovo laptop automatically shuts off

why is my lenovo G460/G560 automatically shuts off at a certain time?
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  1. Is it getting hot? Most shut downs are caused by over heating and it does it to keep from damaging your system.
  2. To do it via the Power Options, right click the battery icon (or electrical plug icon) in the lower left corner of the screen, then...

    1. Select a power plan and then click "Change plan settings"
    2. Click "Change Advanced Power Settings"
    3. Look for "Processor power management" and expand it
    4. Expand "Maximum processor state"

    You can now enter the percentage usage of the CPU while on battery and plugged in.

    Note that it does not work the way you think it would work. Meaning if you set the CPU to 90% it will run at 90% of the stock clockspeed. No... it's not like that. For example, my i5-2410m has a stock speed of 2.3GHz. Turbo boost overclocks it to as high as 2.9GHz when stressed.

    100% = Turbo Boost on.
    99% = Turbo Boost off. CPU runs at 2.3GHz
    78% - 98% = 1.796GHz
    69% - 77% = 1.596GHz
    60% - 68% = 1.397GHz

    So you get the picture.
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