I want to build a gaming PC/Need Opinions

OK so I have a very good laptop but as most of you know laptops just aren't made for gaming unless they are 1500+euro, so I decided I want to build a pc. My budget is prety low about 500euros the most( that would mean wait 2-3 months to get the cash), I also need to sell 1 of my 2 phones to get some cash and I want to build a gaming pc(not hardcore), right now I am playing games like WOW, Cabal online, Counter strike and so on. These games don't require a powerful pc but it would be nice if I could play some of the newer games like BF3, BLUR, Crysis 2 on medium to high settings. At first I wanted to go with AMD because its cheaper and more reliable for me but after i saw and read reviews of Intel i5 2500k SandyBridge I kind of changed my opinion. Also I live in Ireland and theres no shop to get components and online Irish websites are just mad expensive and wayy ovepriced so after some research scan.co.uk has some nice prices and offers and ships to Ireland iswell. If any of you know better website ( UK, Germany etc.) that I can trust and has better prices and deals that would be great. So now going to the hardware parts I have 2 gaming builds here one is AMD one is Intel.

http://www.scan.co.uk/products/cit-recon-micro-atx-case-black-interior-and-500w-12cm-black-psu (CASE)
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/amd-a8-3870k-black-edition-s-fm1-lynx-core-quad-core-30ghz-gpu-amd-radeon-hd-6550d-600mhz-100w-retai (CPU)
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-gigabyte-hd-6670-1600mhz-gddr3-gpu-800mhz-480-cores-d-sub-dual-link-dvi-i-hdmi (hd 6670 GPU to crossfire with the APU)
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-ga-a55m-s2v-amd-a75-s-fm1-ddr3-sata-ii-3gb-s-raid-sata-pcie-20-(x16)-graphics-on-board-matx (MOBO)
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8gb-(2x4gb)-corsair-ddr3-vengeance-racing-red-pc3-14900-(1866)-non-ecc-cas-9-10-9-27-xmp-15v (RAM)

For me the cpu seems prety ok and gpu crossfired with Apu will be prety solid for me. THIS would cost me about 275pounds/ 345euro.

http://www.scan.co.uk/products/cit-recon-micro-atx-case-black-interior-and-500w-12cm-black-psu CASE
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/intel-core-i5-2500k-unlocked-s1155-sandy-bridge-quad-33ghz-hd3000-igp-850mhz-6mb-cache-95w-retail CPU
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-xfx-hd-6850-4000mhz-gddr5-gpu-775mhz-960-cores-eyefinity-hdmi-2x-mini-displayport-2x-dvi GPU
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-ga-h61ma-d2v-gen-3-intel-h61-1155-ddr3-sata-ii-3gb-s-pcie-30-(x16)-d-sub-dvi-d-micro-atx MOBO
http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8gb-(2x4gb)-corsair-vengeance-blue-ddr3-pc3-14900(1866)-non-ecc-unbuffered-9-10-9-27-xmp-150v RAM

I heard i5 2500k SB is lightning fast, not planing on overclocking on any of the 2 CPUS/ Initially I wanted HD 6770 but I saw that HD 6850 is better. This would cost me 375pounds/470euros.

Please tell me if everything is compatible. I would find AMD build more reliable for me as I don't need a super pc like Intel build but it is temptating to get the Intel build as I heard processor is supa fast and would be great inestment as im not planing on upgrading anything for about 2 years. Is the money really worth getting the Intel build? Also If any of you has a better alternative built for under 450 euro that would be greatly appreciated. Any advive of piece of Information is greatly appreciated. Also please don't ask me why I don't have more money. Many thanks
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  1. At that budget, I'd go for something like this...


    If it's over the budget, try dropping the GPU to a hd 6850. Something like this...
    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6850 1GB
  2. it is absolutely worth going intel i5-2500k best investment i made when i started my build in 2011, i have upgraded a lot on it but i find i never need more power than my i5.

    i would NOT get that case, and definately would NOT get the power supply it comes with.

    get a fractal core 1000 case, doesnt break the bank and its of high quality. for psu get something high rated that is about 650W itll last you and you can upgrade your graphics card if need be

    get a mother board from asrock or asus and make sure it is a z68 gen 3 board or a z77
  3. The i5 2500k/3570k would only be a good investment if you know you'll have the extra cash to upgrade the GPU in the future.

    I'd say a good time frame would be around a month or two max give or take.

    If the upgrade was a possibility, I'd even use the onboard hd 4000 graphics on the CPU. It can run most games on low settings. This would allow you to save up for a decent dedicated GPU in the meantime.
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