Geforce gtx 260 (1.8gb) and battlefield 3?

Hello all

I just got the HP elite hpe-345sc

It has geforce gtx 260 1.8 gb card.

I to the test can you run it, and under recommend settings, it said nogo because of the graphic card. I know that it is a kind of old card, but in general and compared to playing Battlefield 3, how good or bad is it?

Thanks a lot
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  1. a gtx260 more than capable of running the game. But your one is an oem version designed by dell and hp. Maybe you want to upgrade your graphics driver

    if that doesn't work, then use the hp website.

    on second thought your card is an OEM edition so its probably not on the canyourunit database. I wouldn't worry about what the website says, your card can run the game effortlessly maybe not in high settings but still it would run the game.
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