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Alright so I am sick of playing on a laptop.. "so many horses.. but no room to gallop" just backwards I've got room & no horses lol

So I have a budget of about 2500 I've got the monitors, sound card, high bandwidth modem, etc covered. I will be using this mostly for gaming.. games like Arma II and III. Not much into runen and gunen. The only games I currently play are Project Reality BF2 and Arma II. I'm just wondering if the 3930k will make much of a big difference performance wise. I have no desire for looks I want performance out of the cases. This is why the RV3 interests me.

Build 1

Intel 3930kw/ H100 cooler
Silverstone R3.. weird case I know but I've got ideas and I know how to work metal
16gb of Kingston RAM @ 2133
LGA 2011 Asus mobo
GTX 670 (Undecided which model, any ideas I'll except)
128gb Crucial M4 sold state drive
1tb WD 64mb cache
6gbps cables
Corsair K90 keyboard
Roccat mouse
Zalman thermal paste
& 4 scythe fans 3000rpm for the h100
Silverstone 1000watt gold.. yes I know its overkill but I want some room to work with

OR Build 2

Intel 3770k w/ Zalman liquid cooler
Fractal Design black pearl w/ sound proofing
16gb of Kingston RAM @ 2133
128gb m4 Crucial
WD 1tb 64mb cache
6gbps cables
Corsair k90 keyboard
Roccat mouse
Zalman thermal paste
Cougar 120mm hydro bearing x3
Cougar 140mm hydro bearing x1
Lepa 900watt gold
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  1. Sorry 3770k*
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    Personally I would choose build 2. It's more budget friendly, and X79 isn't really meant for gaming, it's more like a workstation.

    A few recommendations -

    1) Get the i5 3570k, you won't see any benefit from the extra threads on the i7 for gaming.

    2) I would also recommend the GTX670 in build 2, the performance gap between the 680 and 670 is extremely small, and plus you get to save $100! Who wouldn't like that?

    3) I would recommend the Corsair TX650 v2 PSU. Anything over 650w is overkill for the GTX670 unless you plan to add a second card in the future.

    Also if I may...consider taking a look at the Corsair Obsidian 550D :) It features sound deadening foam just like the Fractal Design case you listed in Build 2. I find this case to be one of the best cases in terms of looks, and build quality (I personally own one).
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