Gaming GS ~ NVIDIA GT 630 with 2048 MB memory

Hi, I am going to get myself a new desktop pc these days and I've found something really nice:

3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-3770 prosessor
NVIDIA GT 630 Graphics with 2048 MB Memory

Is this GS able to handle high performance games on their maximum, and if not post recomendations.
No budget limit. Ur clean opinion.
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  1. The 630 is not strong enough. You are looking at the likes of 660's or 670.

    Are you looking at pre-built or planning to build your own.

    For gaming, the i7-3770 is not worth its price. i5-3550 or 3570K will do as well.

    For the graphics card, it is still best to put up a budget limit because with "No budget limit", some posters could just recommend to you the most expensive graphics card like GTX 690 for $1000 but it may not be the optimum choice for you although it meets your criteria.

    So let me ask a few more questions.
    Do you wish to play on single screen or triple screen?
    At hat resolution 1920x1080 or 2560x1650 or 5760x1080?
  2. I was writing a response on the other thread, however, I think it got deleted? Not sure, waiting for a moderator to tell us what happened :O.
  3. If that was the thread that turned into a new build thread then check the Systems forum.
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