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Is 600w enough for this build?

I'm building a mid-level gaming computer with the hopes to keep it fairly upgradable for future use.

I want to be able to run a second video card in crossfire in the future. All crossfire chips of a similar type state you will need a 600w PSU so for the basic build I should be fine.

What I am worried about is overclocking. I intend to OC the CPU. It is why I am going with that chip and not the 2500 series. I am looking at the following 2 PSUs.


Will those be enough to OC the CPU, run a second card in crossfire, and expand up to 16 gb of RAM in the future? I'd rather spend a bit extra on a good PSU now then have to buy a new one in a year or two. Also is one significantly better than the other? I know one is a single rail and one is a dual rail. How does that affect things?
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  2. Corsair seems to have a lot of negative feedback on Newegg. I have worked in hardware before though, I know people tend to say "This thing sucks" way more often then "working fine after 3 years". Is this a similar case, or does Newegg's shipping just beat them to hell?
  3. I have a 3yr old Corsair PSU and still working. A PSU life depends on different factors.
    Try googling for "best 600W PSU", check the opinions and select one.
  4. Corsair seems to come up here with positive feedback/recomendations a lot. It also comes up well represented when searching. That's why I was curious if Newegg just gets the ones that fell of the truck so to speak or if they just have more negative feedback because power supplies aren't the sexy thing to review when they do their job.
  5. Corsair is a reliable and respected brand within the industry and amongst enthusiasts. Speak to anyone who builds systems for themselves/family/friends, and you'll soon find out that they are using a Corsair PSU - or have strongly considered it before opting for another brand, usually based on financial or other very specific objective considerations. It's true that there are more factors to consider than mere brand, but in this case, I would say that buying a Corsair should give you an indication of a high-quality, reliable and efficient solution.

    EDIT: and I will go on the record for you and tell you that whenever I dealt with Corsair's customer service (at work), they have provided world-class service. So yes, they take your money with a smile, but they provide support with a smile too (figuratively) and any company like that is A-OK in my book!
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  7. The Corsair CX600 has a star rating over all on Newegg. Usually only more expensive psu have a 5 star rating. You are right psu just either work or not.
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