Gaming And Editing PC, Need Help ASAP!

So my beloved laptop has just died and I thought to my self what better time than to get one that suits my needs. I will be using it for basic editing of videos and pictures with programs such as PhotoShop, cinema 4D and Sony Vegas Pro. I will also want to run Minecraft and a screen recorder (Either Fraps, Bandicam or Camtasia) The only problem is I don't have much experience with these things and I am on a budget of $600. If you could give me some ideas on what I need and don't need as well as where I can get it from it would be much appreciated, I have listed below some computers I have found on eBay and if you could tell me which would be best I would really appreciate it. The computer needs to be fast and able to run without too much lag. Must be able to run Minecraft on good settings no lag with the screen recorder on and to be able to edit and render rather quiclkly.


Computer 1: [...] 8931wt_982

Computer 2: [...] 2a14a8fab4

Computer 3: [...] 46051feaf8

Computer 4: [...] 35bd010d9c

Computer 5: [...] 2c66840c18

Computer 6: [...] 357wt_1190

Thanks in advance,

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