Some Questions on the Zotac GTX560 2GB.

Hey guys, i wnted to upgrade my card, and ive narrowed down to HIS/AMD HD 6870 IceQ or EVGA OR ZOTAC GTX 560
Now i was searching, and i found the ZOTAC GTX 560 2Gb for a great price (equivalent to the EVGA 1GB variant) but it showed it had 336 STREAM cores, and not CUDA. Here are the links-are CUDA also called stream? ( i KNOW theyre different from ATI stream) And is Zotac a good distributor?
Links: ZOtac GTX560:

I will only go for the 560 if the 2GB variant is the same as the 1GB EVGA in terms of cores. Else i think the 6870 is a better choice.
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    It is the same 336 Cuda cores! Fermi architecture.
  2. That comes as a great relief, but still a question remains unanswered- It Zotac trustworthy? I mean in terms of product quality, not customer support.
  3. I have heard nothing bad about them and at least they are offering std 2 year warranty not 1 year like some of the budget brands.
  4. Thank you so much. And EVGA precision will be compatible, yes? This comes as a great relif to me.
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