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Hi . I just noticed today my PSU fan is not working / spinning and i got worried.
Why could that happen ? Besides from factory issues which i cant control or produce.

IT is really concerning since for the past 3 days my pc restarts or shuts down out of nowhere the first time of the day i turn it on. (And then it ill just work fine till the next day. )

Could that be related ? Thanks in advance.

I Just built this computer 2 weeks ago.

PSU - Corsair AX 850 profesional series Gold certificate.
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    It seems to be operating exactly as it was designed to operate.

    The Corsair AX850 will operate in fanless mode (i.e. 0 RPM) until you reach 20% load (170 Watts) on the PSU then the fan will kick in.

    From 170 Watts to 425 Watts the PSU fan will operate in low RPM mode.

    Above 425 Watts the fan speed will ramp up exponentially.
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