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So i Have a Q6600 I notice a difference in core temps i know its normal but it was about 10c so i thought maybe is the TIM so after change it the temps when all a little high before it was like 65 61 55 62 now it is 65 64 60 64 it is ok to all core be at the same temp even if it is a little higher than before
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  1. is that idle or full load?

    if that is idle, you have a problem. it that is 100% load you're looking good.

    it doesn't matter if all the cores are not the same temp my i5 can have a 7+ degree difference. what matters is keeping the temps DOWN.
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    My Q6600 runs exactly the same way so it's fine. As far as the temps being higher after applying new thermal paste this will be the case for a few days until the paste cures fully where it will transfer the heat more effectively.
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