HD7850,good choice?

Hi all :)

I have an old cpu and wanted to know if it will be ok with the HD7850 i'm gonna get soon,i didn't want to upgrade other components because i'm ok with the performance so far,and also not enough cash :na:

Anyway here's my rig :

Gigabyte EP43T-USB3
Quad Q9300 oc @3.12Ghz
8 Gb DDR3 Gskill Ripjaws X 1600
Msi GTS450 Cyclone @910mhz
Win 7 64x
Acer H243HX Full HD

I play in 1920x1080 resolution.

thanks :)
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  1. If you've got all 4 cores running above 3Ghz you would probably be fine. A good way to check would be to overclock or underclock your current GPU to see what happens to your frame rates.

    Run Fraps in one of the games you play and take note of your FPS. Then overclock your GPU (with Afterburner or something similar) and run again. If your FPS goes up, then you are GPU bound, and an upgrade would probably be worth it. If your FPS stays the same, you are probably CPU bound, and the upgrade wouldn't be worth it. You can also underclock your GPU if you are afraid of overclocking to see if the FPS goes down.
  2. I already tried that with Dirt showdown benchmark tool,i have about 3 fps average increase when i overcklock a little the GPU,45 fps average @850mhz ,48.8 fps avg @910mhz.
  3. Alright, well it sounds like a GPU upgrade might be worthwhile for you.

    Since the 7850 is a much better card than your 450, once you upgrade the CPU will probably be the bottleneck, but you'll see an improvement. And you can update your CPU whenever you have the cash, and you'll have a decent performance upgrade in the meantime.
  4. Ok thanks,i hope it's not gonna be a huge bottleneck.But since i'm playing at 1920x1080 resolution isn't the GPU who's doing most of the job?
  5. Yes, the GPU does most of the work at 1920x1080, but once your GPU is powerful enough, the CPU can hold back your overall performance if it doesn't perform as well.

    With the recent cards (like a 7850) 1920x1080 doesn't necessarily stress them very much, so you might see more of a CPU bottleneck.

    If you move up to even higher resolutions, or multi-monitor setups and that's when modern GPUs really get stressed.
  6. I see,so will a HD6870 be a better choice for me?
  7. Best answer
    Yes, the 7850 is sill a good choice.

    Then on your next upgrade, your card will likely still be capable enough that you don't have to worry too much about games at 1920x1080. You will be able to focus on updating your MoBo and CPU
  8. Ok then,go for the HD7850!thanks a lot guys ;)
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