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CPU Heatsink fan question

Hey guys i just built my first gaming computer and encountered a small issue. When i turn on the computer all the case and gpu fans start to spin but the cpu one stalls for 2-3 seconds before starting. Is this normal??? If my computer does overheat does it shut down by itself??
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    It is normal on a number of systems, it might also be caused by the CPU being cold when you first turn it on and then it heats up.

    Yes, all modern CPUs have a thermal safety cut out to prevent damage to the CPU, it will either just turn the CPU off or it will completely turn off the computer.

    If the CPU fan spins afterwards then your temps should be fine, you can check your temps with Coretemp (google it).
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  3. Thanks alot! im either going to get water cooling or some high end air cooling soon.
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