Advice needed (Upgrade from HD6870 cfx to GTX 680)

Hi! I'm new here so.. if you can help me with my question I would appreciate.

I have a pair of XFX 6870 zdfc 1gb in CFX

I was wondering if worth the price of an upgrade to one GTX 680 (or radeon 7970, but i think the 680 is better)

I play a lot of BF3 and somtimes RPGs like Skyrim and The Witcher 2.

System Specs are Core i7 2600k @ 4.4 ghz, ASUS P8p67 pro, Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz cas 9,

Sometimes my setup annoys me with stuttering but most of the time it runs great on BF3, ~50 fps @ Ultra and 2x aa.

What do you think?
Here in Brazil my cards worth about R$ 900 - 1000,00, and one GTX 680 costs R$ 1800,00 (yes there are a lot of taxes here, almost 60% of the price)

Thanks in advance
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    Hi alpheratz.

    I can say that going from a dual card setup to a single more powerful card was well worth it to me. Especially an AMD dual card setup. Lots of problems with drivers/game support (especially Skyrim...)

    I would say it's worth it. What's the price difference for you between the 7970 and the 680? they'd both be great upgrades for you. 680 is better (if you can get it) but 7970 is a great card too (and overclocks like crazy), so if you can get the 7970 cheaper, that might be a good option for you.

    What resolution do you game at?
  2. Definately worth it , I went from 560ti SLI to a 680.
    BF3 plays like a dream and super smooth maxed out at Ultra compared to the 560ti SLI with 4 x AA
  3. Hi, I play at Full HD, 1920x1080

    The price difference is R$ 150~200 for reference-like models. Both are available.

    But in terms of performance/game quality it worth?
  4. At 1920x1080, you wouldn't feel a difference. Both are easily enough to max anything at over 60FPS @ 1920x1080.

    Numbers-wise, the 680 will put out more FPS @ 1920x1080, but unless you are benchmarking, or playing your games with Fraps on, you'd never know it.

    I own a 7970 and it is a great card.
  5. I looked at a couple of reviews. There are two I kept flipping back and forth between to compare 6870 crossfire to 680 where the games were in both reviews:

    Seems like keeping your two 6870s is best for now unless you have driver issues you can't stand any longer.
  6. Thanks guys!

    I'll try sell my old cfx cards (it will be a little difficult)
    And 'll buy one GTX 680 or if the price worth one 7970
  7. You will also save power, less heat and less driver issues going with a single 680 over dual gpu's
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