Can hard-resetting damage my components? + Computer freezing question.

When I play a game called Maplestory, once in a while my computer will freeze. Like, my entire computer will freeze. If I have something running that is creating any type of sound, when my computer freezes, it'll just freeze and the sound will freeze too, leaving a loud, obnoxious buzzing-type noise. I can't move my cursor, and if I wait too long and let it hang for a bit, my reset button stops working too! I have to hold down the power button and hard-shut-down it.

What I was wondering is why this program is causing my computer to freeze, and if hard-resetting (using the reset button, not the power button) every time it freezes my computer will cause damage to my SSD/HDD/CPU etc.

I am currently using Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. Also, this is the only game/program that has ever caused my computer to freeze, and I've had my computer for over a year so I know this for a fact.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you in advance.
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  1. yes pressing reset can cause damage in the form of corrupted files, nothing that the freeze couldnt do all by itself though.
  2. So should I stop playing this game? :S
  3. I would find out what problem your pc is having. Maplestory is not that demanding.
  4. I've done some Google-ing and many people have had problems with Maplestory and Windows 7 64 Bit.
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