BF3 crash issue

I have tried every possible solution for this.Last year December I upgraded my GPU to Zotac GTX 550ti ,since then whenever I play Battlefiled 3 the game after running for 10-20 minutes stops and quits to desktop I play at 1360x768 resltuion and on ultra settings the situation does not change even when I play on medium settings,when the game runs for those 10-20 minutes it runs flawlessly at 40fps.Earlier I hand a XFX GT 430 and at that time when I played the game at 1280x720 resolution and at medium settings low to medium settings I did not encounter such a problem.I have used regisrty cleaners,used driver sweeper to complete remove the exisiting old drivers and performed a clean driver installation the current driver version is 301.42 WQHL.All the other games run withouth any problem on my GTX 550ti for hours say 3 hours the games are CRYSIS 2 which I play at ultra settings with DX11 and High resolution texture pack and at 1360x768 resoltuion,Max Payne 3 runs flawlessly,NFS RUN plays at around 85fps without V-Sync,Mass effect 3 runs at around 84fps.I have tried increasing the fan speed ,still the BF3 issue exists,my case has good ventiltion it is a LANCOOL PC-K62 case.So I am just tired of this problem.Please anyone please can you help me.All suggestions are more than welcome.
My PC configuration:-
Core i5 2500K,
GTX 550ti
LANCOOL PC -K62 case.
Windows 7 32-Bit(I guess this might be the problem as it does not utilize whole of the 4GB RAM it shows that 3.61GB is usable)
Please help me.
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    Might be some fixes here, look at the AA settings
  2. Do you have AA enabled when your trying to play?

    Your usable ram on windows is not the issue so you can rule that out.

    Do you overclock your 550ti?

    Have your tried running on low settings instead of medium?
  3. Thanks for the help.Though I found out the fix for it,as the game was ruuning out of VRAM so it was crashing so I just increased the user va and it solved my problem.
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  5. sir,
    i recently buy a new amd r7 250x 2gb o.c edition.when i start playing bf3 so i can play few mints after that screen going black,sometimes i see some lines on freind have gtx 650ti so i check this game on his card so it works perfect on my p.c
    my specs,
    core i5 2400
    gigabyte amd r7 250 x
    6 gb ddr3 ram
    windows 8.1 pro

    plzzz help me sir how you fix this problem
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