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windows does not detect my DVD RW.
I'm running windows 7.
anyone know what to do?
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  1. sounds like the drive is not connected to the computer, check the leads into the computer inc power and sata/ide connections
  2. I've done that already.they're good.
    before w7 I was running w XP and my DVD RW worked. but since Ive updated my W7 it's not working anymore.
    By the way it's shown in the device manager but with a yellow explanation mark!
  3. What is the model of your DVD RW? Have you also tried removing the drive from the device manager to allow Windows 7 to go back and reinstall the hardware and attempt to find a driver?
  4. or right click on the device manager and say update ddriver and allow windows seven to select a driver. This should help
  5. it's Pioneer DVR-A18L.
    I did it but it says "the best driver software for your device is already installed".
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