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i just bought a TP link Router(Model No. TL-WR1043N / TL-WR1043ND) and an access point(TL-WA701N / TL-WA701ND) for my 2 floor home. i connected the router downstairs which i configured without a problem with my ISP's modem. but when it came to connect the router to the access point which i setup upstairs i had a bit of a problem. the router's WDS status remains "associating". let me tell you my router and access point settings.From the router. i enabled WDS which i later had to input a few settings : SSID = Gary BSSID, Keytype ,Wep index,AutoType,Password. there is also another function that is the survey, what this does is it finds the access point wire-lessly and inserts the details. but for some reason the survey wont find my access point so i filled it manualy. From the access point, i used the survey function which worked. I placed the access point to " universal repeater" . i contacted the store i bought it from but when i took it there it worked without a i called them and the procedure is a very expensive technition comes to my house and sets it up.

so my question is , why isn't it working?

thanks for reading!
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  1. are you connecting the AP wirelessly to the main router?

    if so from what I gather from the manual you will only have wire network upstairs but no wireless since the AP does not support Bridge Repeater mode.

    You could use a second TL-WR1043N router and use the DD-WRT firmware to allow for Bridge Repeater mode
  2. from the ISP's modem i am wired. from the TPlink router to the AP i am wireless. it does connect wireless since when i bought it he told me it could. connect wirelessly from downstairs to upstairs
  3. your AP will connect wirelessly from Upstairs to Downstairs; however, you will not be able to connect to your AP wirelessly with your computer only via network cable.
  4. oh. but it is a wireless access point, and it only has one Ethernet port. i think you are mistaken because when i went to the shop to tell them about the problem they explained how it works and what it does. so no idea what i am doing wrong? maby a gateway or some authentication issues?
  5. Hi Garyrizzo,
    Please disable WDS on WR1043;
    Set WA701ND as universal repeater and point it to extend WR1043's wireless network, with the same security settings.
    Nothing more.
    TP-LINK Support Force
  6. Thanks TP-LINK support force

    what does WDS mean then? the technician told me to enable it and point it to the AP.


    i will try your solution tomorrow since i am not home and will reply back
  7. tried your solution but it my laptop is still connecting to my main router not the AP. I'm kind of a networking idiot, i turned of my security settings to open but still nothing

  8. Sorry for posing again but may i ask what the IP address,subnet mask and gateway need to be for my Access Point?
  9. I don't know if this post is old, but when you set it to universal repeater and use the same network settings, it repeats the same SSID (WiFi name) this means, whichever device you are using is going to connect to whichever router has the strongest signal.

    Even though you think your connecting to your upstairs AP you are actually connecting to whichever has the strongest signal. In lamens terms, the repeater is boosting your signal strength, you are not actually getting a second SSID.

    I have this same router and it took me a li
    ttle bit before I figured that out!
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