CPU Temp?

What is the maximum safe temp for an overclocked AMD FX 4170 4.2 GHZ quad core?
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  1. Below 60 for load is good, around 40 is good for idle (30 though is more ideal)
  2. Ok so I have a successful OC of 4.6Ghz at 1.4v and it doesn't get hotter than 50c. This is on an Antec H20 620 Cooler.

    10% oc which isn't too bad.
  3. Is the 50c idle, when playing games or during a stress-test?
  4. 50c is during stress test using Arma II Combined Ops at very high settings. The game is a more CPU intensive compared to GPU intensive. I also play COD and Battlefield 3.

    I also use 7zip when compressing files which uses 14GB Ram and 100% CPU load. I compress files upwards of 5GB maximum so far and it doesn't get higher than 50c/32c idle.
  5. Good job then : )
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