MSI GTX 570 Crashes with DX11 Games (Reward)

Hi,month ago I bought a MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III Power Edition after RMA a Gygabyte GTX 570 that was causing me the same crash as the MSI, the card works fine but when I try to play a game that uses DX11 it crashes in about 5-10 min, I have read a lot of users that were having the same problem, some of them fixed it raising the v of the card, but that doesn't solve my problem, I doesn't matter what I do , downclock, raise voltages, install new drivers, it just crashes. When I raise the Core voltage i can play for 20 min but that's it.
So my computer specs are:
Dell XPS 630i

Motherboard: Nvidia nForce 650i
RAM: 8GB DDR2 4x2 XMS Corsair Dominator
PSU: 750w Dell
CPU:Q6600 2,40 Ghz 2 Quad

THX I hope i can fix this problem if somebody fix it i could give him a little reward , I'm really frustrated with this.

PD: Sorry for my English, and sorry if Rewards are not allowed.
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  1. My suggestion would be it is the power supply when in DX11 you are most likely using the most power your card can or close so it is pulling the most power. Dell does have high quality power supplies buuut they put the lowest power they can in their computers. You would want a 600watt for the 570 I would reccomend. It could be done on less but I like to have my power supply having an easy time of it not running near the edge of its ability all the time.

  2. This could be as simple as a defective power supply. You have tried 2 different video cards with the same problem. When you are stressing the video card you are also stressing the PSU. That being said, try swapping your Dell (seems to be an older PSU) power supply with a quality PSU (like Seasonic or Corsair) to see if that solves the problem.

    Good luck!
  3. Okay, so the problem is probably the PSU, now I just have to find a PSu that fits in my case.
  4. Dell uses standard power supplies now they did not used to but just pick up a decent 600watt or one in that range and it will fit in and all the screw holes will line up not that painfull of a proccess.

  5. Are you sure your windows DirectX files aren't messed up? Because reinstalling windows would solve such issues.
  6. I already reinstalled Windows twice.
  7. Definitely sounds like a power supply issue. Just to be sure, did you try stress testing it with FurMark and Prime95 at the same time?
  8. I have stressed it with DX11 and like the games it just crashes jowing this error: D3D11AppWindow:::swap_window(): device removed , with other stress tests that don't use DX11 works fine.
  9. I don't really think it's a power supply if it doesn't crash on FurMark AND Prime95 running at the same time (not separately) - they would provide maximum load on the PSU. More importantly, you got an API error - that doesn't happen with power supplies. Sounds either software issue (which you eliminated by reinstalling windows), card issue (not likely that second card would have same defect) or PCIe slot. Since you haven't eliminated the latter, and your motherboard has two slots, I'd try the card in the bottom slot.
  10. Ok I'll try that.
  11. I don't know what is happening but I switched the Card to the other slot and now no program detects the card.
  12. Do you mean you aren't getting it show video?
  13. No, I solved it restarting the computer hahah, with the other PCi slot does the same this is desesperating I do not want to spend 500 Euros more for a new CPU, PSU, Motherboard,etc.
  14. Do you have any friends that have a PC? You could try your card in their PC to check if it does the same. Don't buy any new components unless you're sure what's defective.
  15. I could do that.
  16. Do it and tell the results then :).
  17. Well now I'm triying to raise the voltage, at 0.987v the card is more sable i'll rais slowly till a MAX of 1,1-1,2v
  18. I highly doubt its the power supply. Are you using PCI-X connectors from the PSU or are you using a 4pin molex dongle adapter?

    Can you list the exact motherboard you are using?

    Have you overclocked your CPU for several years?

    Have you overclocked your ram ever?

    Have you cleared the dust out of your computer and what method did you use?

    Have you cleared the dust out of your graphics card and did you blow through the intake at the fan or through the exhaust, or both (if applicable)?

    What case are you using?

    What OS are you using?
  19. Yes , I'm using the PCI-X connectors from the PSU, the motherboard is a nForce 650i SLI from DELL I have never Overclocked anything I cleaned the computer before intalling the Graphics card removing all the components and cleaning them with a special spray, the video card has never been cleaned because it's pretty new.
    I'm using the Dell XPS 630i case and my OS is a original Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
  20. This is a PSU issue (most likely) from what has been presented folks. Look at the common denominator in the config and the 2 different GPUs, the clean installs, etc.

    This is very easy to isolate with another, suitable PSU. If that fails to fix the problem, you can return the PSU. The current PSU is rather old and they do wear out.
  21. Have you tried flipping over the SLI circuit board option inbetween your two pcix slots?
  22. dkcomputer said:
    Have you tried flipping over the SLI circuit board option inbetween your two pcix slots?

    PCI-X is not the same as PCI-e (X is extended, e is express) but @ op, your best bet is to try the card in someone else's computer. That's the easiest way to find out.
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