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Hi guys, I'm building a new PC and just wanted some advice on a graphics card. I don't play any games on this PC. It will be my work machine. I have two 24" monitors that I was to use primarily for this setup and my third screen will be a 32" TV.

I'm looking for a graphics card that has two DVI out and an HDMI out port that can display video all at the same time. Is my theoretical setup possible? Will I have to use a splitter for my two monitors and connect my TV separately?

Any and all input is appreciated. =)
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  1. Thanks for the reply greghome!

    Are there any fanless GPU's out that can handle this 3 screen display? I would like my setup to be as quiet as possible =)
  2. Running three monitors you will want a GPU with a fan on it as it will generate a lot of heat. In my experience the Firepro AMD cards work will in eyefinity and are single slot with a quiet fan. The one I have specifially used is the V4800.

  3. Oh ok cool.

    What particularly do I have to be looking for in a GPU to make sure I can do this triple screen display? I've checked newegg for the GPU's you've recomended but they're all deactivated or sold out.
  4. For AMD cards you are looking for anything that supports Eyefinity. The Radeon cards are the "gaming" level cards and the Firepro are the "design" level cards. If you are doing modeling engineering drafting or things like that the Firepro's are better designed for it but more expensive. The Radeon are aimed more at gaming and general use and cost a bit less when you compare the cards with the same amount of RAM and processor speed.

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  6. I was just looking at that also. Wasn't sure if it'd let me play around in 2 monitors and play a HD movie for m on the third but one of the reviews say they have done it just fine. guess I'm gonna purchase this one and try it out! Thanks for the help!
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