What is the best case for about $90?

About three months ago, I built my first computer in a Rosewill Future "gaming" case. After having the PC for a few months, I decided the first thing I want to upgrade is the case, as the Future is too small, poorly built, and flat out ugly. I'm looking to spend a bit more for a case this time, about $90, but no more than $100. I'm looking for a nice, clean look (nothing too flashy or in-your-face), good airflow, good cable management, and good build quality. I don't need anything top of the line like an 800D, Cosmos II, or HAF X, but I do want something good. What's your recommendation?
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  1. Antec: http://www.antec.com/product.php?Per=45
    Gigabyte also make some rather nice cases for their price points (usually under $90).
  2. I've been very partial to CoolerMaster for some time now, Corsair being another excellent choice.

    Corsair Vengeance C70 89 before $20 rebate.

    Coolermaster Storm Scout $65 w/free super slow shipping(my wording)

    Corsair 400R $89 w/free super slow shipping(my wording)

    Personally, I went with the CM HAF XM, it has more room for video cards than the HAF X and HAF 932(Original HAF) and was cheaper than both. Though it's a little over your budget.
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