Fairly New build faulty psu?

So I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my system specs are:
Psu: Pc power and cooling silencer mkii 750w
ram: Patriot 4gbx2
hdd: 1tb seagate
Case: coolermaster haf 912
Cpu: i5 3570k
Gpu: asus 7850
Mobo: asrock z77 pro 4
Cpu cooler: hyper 212 plus

I previously build my system at the beginning of june and installed the OS just fine. Then the next day the thing won't even bootup and after testing around it seem the mobo was dead. Past a few weeks I exchanged the mobo and accidently along with the backplate and screws for the cpu cooler. I reorder the missing parts and I finished rebuilding the system today.
Everything seemed to boot just fine today but I got a disk check screen and let it load but after a bit the computer just hunged up. I test it various ways and some problem were:

-the psu would only power up all the fans(including gpu fans) 100% on a certain power strip and only work 25% of the time on any other powerstrip or surge protector

-when connected to anything other then the extension cord it would not boot up anything

-i heard beeps three to four times the 2 times I was able to get to the bios
-even when it was able to boot all the fans it would reset every 10 second

-with the pin test the psu would not instantly turn on a fan(at least 30 sec) after the connection was reset compare to spare junk psu I have around that did it instantly

Im really scratching my head here, do I have a faulty psu or something else. Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the horrible formatting since im using my phone.
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  1. Bump can someone help me.
  2. I seem to have fixed my problem by switching the ram sticks around but when I tried to transfer something from my old dead hdd then the omputer shuted down and now it won't even power anything up.
  3. Clearing the cmos seemed to have done the trick but is there anyway to transfer data from a dead hdd without risking a power outage again.
  4. Omg I just dont know what to do anymore plugging the ethernet port cause computer to shut down now.
  5. I think I might have solved the problem for I switched to a new power strip similar to the model that was always working and now it works. I guess the surge protector were of a lower voltage or watts.
  6. I got some problems again everytime I restsart my computer I have to clear the cmos.
  7. Can someone please help me? Plugging anything thing other than speaker,hdmi,kdyboard,mouse,ethernet causes a power failure.
  8. I have to lay the case flat on the ground for it to work and if it fails, I have to reset the cmos on another power strip. Would anyone please mind helping me?
  9. Hey guys my psu suddenly stopped working today and wont power on, and im gonna rma it. Is there a chance my mobo is fried also cause i just exchanged it not too soon ago.
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