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I am looking forward to improve my computer. My computer is this one :
but i changed the PSU to a 480W one and I changed the GPU to a Gigabyte 440gt. I want to make my computer better for gaming. Any suggestions for a graphic card (the case is small, here you have some photos:
or any other improvent?
Thank you!
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  2. your photo links dont work
  3. What's your budget? Where are you from? Did you change any other components apart from PSU and GPU? Which exactly PSU do you have?
  4. Just as a friendly saying, the moderators are going to come and find you if you bump threads.

    None of the picture links worked, but what power supply is it that you put into your computer?

    What kind of upgrades are you looking to do?

    What do you do with your computer? (Gaming/ rendering/ etc)
  5. I'm now looking on a 560 Ti and a 600W NOX Urano PSU.. it is a bit expensive but... i dont know what else i coul change to improve the performance.. sorry for bumping. You can see the motherboard size here:
    With my computer I do both gaming and recording and sometimes editing Xbox records. My power supply is 480w a Tooq (unknown brand). My budget would be about 200€ maximum, I'm just looking for something with which I can play in 1920x1080 with a decent queality and decent FPS.
    Sorry for my english.
  6. I've never heard of NOX Urano before. It may be good, but most of the time off brand power supplies are really awful. Trust me I know, I've made my fair share of mistakes buying lame PSU's.

    The Radeon 6850 would be a strong choice, as well as a Corsair CX500 power supply.
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