Intel Core i7-3770k vs i7-3820

I was looking to build a system with one of these two processors. I was leaning towards the 3820 because it is socket LGA 2011, which should have further compatibility in the future. The i7-3820 on x79 has quad channel memory support as well.

What is the performance difference between the two? Which is better for multitasking/gaming?
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  1. I7 3770k is a better processor, it been discussed before and the ivy brigde have aslight advantage over the 3820,

    But if u have the attention of the upgradeability in near future, take the i7
    3820 processor,
    So u can upgrade to ivy bridge-e that i do not know if it have 8 core or 8 core with 2 disable core.

    If u work is that demanding it might be useful for 2011 , if it not, get the ivy bridge.
    But it always good to have extra horsepower if u have the money.
  2. No matter what cpu you choose as long as its an i7 you'll be able to have any setup you want even the original i7's could handle a gtx titan sli with no apparent "bottleneck" but me personally go for the 2011 socket over the 1155
  3. That depends on what you are going to do with to fill us in on what you're doing with it?
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