Ive started playing CALL OF DUTY 4 and online mostly but almost every server i join kicks me saying "Ping to high" os "Server is for low ping players only."

How do i lower my ping? my internet is fast i get around 3-4MB with downloads

using a Wireless router but the desktop is plugged in direcly with LAN plug 4 other devices are connected 1 lan is my PS3 and another laptop wirelessly and occasionally other wireless devices.

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  1. do "tracert <name of server>" and see where your ping jumps up really high. A good ping for broadband is typically under 80ms.. personally, I get 18ms.
  2. Hello ive done what you said -after looking on google how to do it- and ive found my traffic goes to 10+ places all of which are under 50 at first climbing 5-10 each. then all of a sudden one brings the ping to 140 then at the final destination of 160

    Normally to servers i DO get in my ping is around 160-190 and that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to high i saw someone complaining about their ping of 50 was to high...
  3. Do you experience high pings while playing other games? And where do you live/where are the servers you're trying to connect to?

    You could be experiencing low pings because the servers you're trying to play on are physically too far away from your house to get low pings. Now, the fact that you say it does this for almost every server does reveal a few holes in the idea - since some of them must be somewhat close to you - but still...

    Also, are there other devices on your network? Ones that might be using a fair amount of your bandwidth, causing the problem?
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