G860 vs Phenom II x4 965 on Budget

I'm on roughly a $500 budget MAX for my build. I'm really shooting to get it under 475 or so. After getting most of my build set up I'm at a fork in the road with the CPU/MOBO. I've got around $130 left to spend on the CPU/MOBO combined and was wondering basically what would be the cheapest way to go staying under budget and not sacrificing any performance? GPU is Radeon 7850
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    Go with the pentium g860, it's cheaper, about the same performance(could lose on multi-thread demanding apps) and draws less power and the mobos for it are cheaper, e.g. a b75 mobo for ~60-65$, and you'll have a chance to upgrade latter on with an i5 or i7 which is better than the amd counterparts.
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