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I want to buy a new pc and a new 3d tv
I want to serve the internet and watching movies on fullhd 3d
What is the pc that I need and do I have to buy graphiC card like nividia 3d vision or there are pc,s with 3d graphic card
And what the tv that I need is it the usual or it has to be monitor and is there are
Monitors multi hdmi so I can use the pc and my pc3 ?
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  1. pleas any one !
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    For watching 3d movies on your computer you need:

    1. Graphics card that's able to output 3d videos (usually nvidia cards have that, AMD is limited to lower resolution).
    2. TV OR monitor that can receive the signal.

    I believe GT 520 is the cheapest card that supports it. It can output 3d videos via HDMI 1.4a port, so you should look for a TV or Monitor that supports 3d via HDMI 1.4a.

    P. S. Don't spam. You will get answered, and don't expect answers within few minutes or even few hours.
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