FX8150 Stock & M5A99X EVO mother board (Heatsink issues)


I'm working building my first PC build. I have an AMD FX 8150 and an M5A99X EVO mother board. The CPU itself was installed flawlessly with no problems.

However, my issue is with the processor fan. I just can't seem to get both brackets locked into place. I've tried rotating the fan but it seems that I can't get them to lock without outright forcing it. From what I can tell, if I do that I won't be able to seperate the heatsink & the motherboard without something like the jaws of life. Also I'm worried about bending the pins on the CPU. What should I do?

I'm hoping someone who used the same MOBO & CPU had similar issues and can help me.
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  1. takes a bit of pressure to get the 2nd clip on . pins should not bend if cpu is in and locked in place
  2. Sometimes it can be a unpleasant amount of force you need to use. But you should be fine.

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