What the best graphic card for 3d

hi everybody

i want to buy a graphic card what the best choice ?

i will only use it for watching movies on 3d from the pc

i want it to be perfectly clear full hd 3d i wont use it for gaming only for watching movies
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  1. If its only for watching high quality movies, a Radeon 6450 should be a perfect choice. Is your computer a slimline model or a regular sized model?


    That should be perfect, as its cheap, and also silent, so there will be no annoying fan coming from your computer.
  2. look like low ! but is it for sore work on fullhd 3d perfectly i am using a usual tv not monitor and if it does then why is it so cheep ?
  3. If the tv has a HDMI port, then this will work perfectly. It is cheap because you don't need that much power to run a HD display.
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