Is the HD 7750 good for a budget gamer?

I'm thinking of getting a graphics card upgrade from my integrated HD 4200. And I was looking at the the HD 7750.
It seemed pretty decent, consumed little power, and didn't cost to much. But I was wondering if it would work with
my system, in addition to being able to play the latest games?
I'd appreciate some real gamer analysis.
My system is a Inspiron 570, with a 300 watt PSU, Athlon II x2 250 processor, and one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot.
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    It would be a solid choice with your current computer and should work without flaw.

    What are the "latest games"?

    It might not be able to manage BF3 on the highest it goes, but every other game should run perfectly fine.
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