Catalyst Control Centre doesn't save my changes

Hey all,

I recently bought a DV6-6B41ED.
Has some pretty nice specs;
Radeon HD 6770m

Anyway, I felt like installing some games like skyrim, and I noticed my system wasn't performing as good as it should.
So I looked up a few tips on the internet.
I came accross a tip to disable Anti Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering in Skyrim and enable it in Catalyst Control Centre.
So I tried that, and CCC applied the change normally, but as soon as I changed something else in CCC it would go back to it's default settings. So basically, I'm not able to change my 3D settings in CCC.
So I tried a bunch of things, updated the Graphics driver by downloading the newest drivers on the HP site, no results.
Downloaded the new 12.6 beta CCC on the AMD website, also without any help.

So I don't know what to do at this point. Anti Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering and Graphics Performance just keep jumping back to default settings.

I hope somebody can help me.
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  1. You're the second person today with CCC problems. I keep telling people ATI/AMD drivers are buggy but nobody pays any attention. If I were you I'd report this to ATI and hope they don't ignore you as they often do. I'll be surprised if you find a fix before the next driver version, if then.
  2. +1 I agree
  3. I know their drivers are buggy, but I mean come on, changing a few settings in their software (which it's meant for!!), shouldn't be that big of deal right? Isn't there a hotfix or anything, or a smart trick to change the settings manually instead of in CCC itself?
  4. It's better to tell AMD, it's their program, and it's definitely buggy if it can't save changes.
  5. Yeah, normally it isn't that bad, I enjoy Catalyst on my desktop, but because my laptop has 2 graphics cards, I need custom drivers, which aren't that great... I guess I'll just inform AMD and see what happens. If anybody knows a fix, I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Yea, I like it too. It's been pretty useful for me. But, man I wish they fixed it.
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